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I will share my tools and strategies for:

Being Your Own Boss

Creating Self Determined Wealth

Enjoying time and location freedom

In 2005 I left a management position in a Fortune 50 company because I had an epiphany... my laptop was the only tool I needed to make the kind of money I anted to live the life I had dreamed of... and, I haven't looked back since!


What will you learn?

    Learn to make money online using proven strategies for list building, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, and more.

      Once you've started making extra money, you'll want to invest and grow.  We share easy to learn and easy to follow trading ideas to help.

      The biggest challenge for most entrepreneurs is holding on to what they earn.  We can show you how to build a legacy for future generations.

      My Story

      About Brian.

      Coming from the corporate world where he was operations manager for a Fortune 50 medical company, Brian learned the importance of systems, organization, and discipline. He carried this experience over to a new career in trading and investing. 


      Since 2008, he has been coaching traders about the markets and success principles. Drawing from his personal successes (and failures), he is able to help others get results through his open dialogue and friendly demeanor.


      Brian loves to teach.  He shares ideas on how to MAKE money, how to GROW the money, and how to KEEP your money.

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